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Ringshall Resources are your key partner. Whether you are an UK business looking to expand overseas, or an overseas business aiming to get established in the UK market. We assist small and medium businesses in achieving long-term growth.

Welcome to Ringshall Resources

In short, our aims are to drive growth within medium and small companies. This includes, within the UK, Europe and internationally.

Business Growth

Increase your sales and subsequently your client reach. Achieve sustainable growth.


Utilise Jim's proven experience of organising business operations. For instance, to increase efficiency.


Gain access to ongoing support and coaching. As a result, fully realise your business potential.

What we offer


Business Strategy

We help to research your market, in addition, to building a profitable strategy.


Investment Plan

In addition, we delve into key numbers, and as a result build a sustainable plan.


Business Idea

Lastly, we use creative thinking, in addition to analytics to spot a gap in an ever changing market.

Our Approach

Our aims are to drive growth within small and medium companies, within the UK, Europe and internationally.

Developing increased sales growth within international markets can be thwarted with dangers. For instance, when dealing with different business cultures and language barriers. Therefore, you can depend on Ringshall Resources. Above all, we are experienced in helping business owners and sales staff to create and prepare professional and succinct sales presentations, and proposals.

Therefore, if you are planning to expand overseas, whether this is to increase your existing market share, or to tap into a new international marketplace then contact us. Jim of Ringshall Resources will happily discuss your full requirements. We can also help small and medium companies to find new ownership. In addition, we can also assist with company strategic planning when it comes to acquisitions.

Business Quality is Important to Us

In short, when we take on a new project, quality is important to us. Therefore, we take pride in providing an extremely high level of service, to each and every one of our clients.

Recent Case Studies

We work alongside national and international firms

For example, have a look at our case studies to see exactly how we have helped develop and grown a number of businesses. For instance, small owner operated ones, to larger global companies. Therefore, we have clients in IT, construction, engineering, farming and environmental, including public and private sectors.

We have 15 years experience in consultancy

Find out how we can help your business grow. Get in touch with us now.

+44 7887 833911

Our Advisor

Jim lives in South-West London where he started his consultancy, Ringshall Resources, in 2010. He did this after retiring from a 35-year international business career. The aims of Ringshall Resources are simple. In short, to assist our clients in developing an improvement in business results. Above all, in the area of UK and overseas sales.

During Jim’s career, he was a hands-on BUSINESS LEADER with strong bottom-line focus. He possess considerable international experience. Similarly, an ability to create opportunities in challenging environments has been demonstrated.

Jim Foxall BA MBA

Managing Director of Ringshall Resources

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The best partnerships are creative ones, where the mentor is able to help the mentee, (or the team), process thoughts and methods.

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