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Ringshall Resources are your key partner if you are looking to expand your business overseas … particularly if this expansion includes the USA, Canada or the Far East.

International Services

If you’re aiming to achieve sales growth within international markets then this could generate a considerable increase in the bottom line of your business. However, if this business strategy seems too daunting for you and your business colleagues then we can help you. Through our bespoke mentoring service, we can guide and advise your Board, collectively or as individuals, and also your relevant teams. Jim Foxall of Ringshall Resources has a positive and successful history of developing businesses across numerous sectors.

Ringshall Resources acts as a market entry resource for UK businesses planning to expand overseas‚ and also for overseas businesses aiming to get established in the UK market.


Programmes are customised for each company along the following lines:

  • (S1) – Market research to establish sales potential, price points and target customers

  • (S2) – Product/market introduction, visiting target users and establishing channel links

  • (S3) – Business set up and ongoing support as required 

UK Services

We offer business analysis to review ways for companies to expand and improve operations ranging from:

  • Business overview and planning
  • Improved sales and marketing
  • Product launch and market development
  • Business turnarounds
  • Ongoing coaching and support


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Looking to expand overseas?

Sales Growth Within International Markets Strategies

Developing increased sales growth within international markets can be thwarted with dangers especially when dealing with different business cultures and language barriers. You can depend on Ringshall Resources, as we are experienced in helping business owners and sales staff to create and prepare professional and succinct sales presentations and proposals. So if you are planning to expand overseas, whether this is to increase your existing market share or to tap into a new international market place then Jim of Ringshall Resources will happily discuss your full requirements. We can also help small and medium companies to find new ownership and also assist with company strategic planning when it comes to acquisitions.

Diverse Approach

Able to transform the understanding of your business at all levels

Result Based

Strategic goal setting and delivery based on working towards real results

Expert Advice

Honest and genuine advice from someone with years of experience in helping to grow businesses

Recent Case Study

We work alongside national and international firms

Have a look at our case studies to see exactly how we have helped develop and grown a number of businesses, from, small owner operated ones, to larger global companies. We have clients in IT, construction, engineering, farming and environmental, including public and private sectors.

We have 15 years experience in consultancy

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