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Our Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. See how Jim of Ringshall Resources has helped many individuals and businesses below.

Business Client

I have completely changed my attitude to doing business since I started mentoring sessions with Jim 4 months ago. I came to London 6 months ago to set up the business. What did I get from mentoring with Jim? First I learnt the target market and the right approach to get new prospects. I became more confident and after each session I had practical homework to do so I could implement every piece of advice immediately. Jim doesn’t only spend time with you during the mentoring sessions. He involved me to send him messages and write a short review of each meeting. Between sessions he sent me his feedback and tasks to prepare for the next meeting. Moreover there is one crucial thing that cannot be bought by anyone – it is experience; and Jim has been in many businesses for over 30 years. Thank you Jim for all you have done so far.

Ade Awokoya
Business Growth Coach who supports UK tech businesses to grow

I took on Jim as Adviser in the launch of an associate business focused on International Trade with emerging markets and found him to be flexible and pragmatic and effective. His weekly mentoring sessions with me provided a smooth implementation due to the experience and expertise at his finger tips. He drills down to the core issues rapidly and is able to derive benefits based on his insight. These attributes have been pivotal to reduced start-up cost and a revamped business plan. I am happy to recommend his services as a business strategist.

Ciaran Kenny
IT Consultancy/IT Director

Having Jim on-board as a Business Consultant and Virtual Sales Director has completely transformed my understanding of my business: things that should have been obvious before now are. Like many small business owners I’m very good at our core service but had never really known how to tackle sales and marketing‚ a the lifeblood of the business. Jim has not only shared his immense expertise in terms of process and procedure but has worked with me to generate real business wins. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jim. Even one conversation will open your eyes to a wealth of possibilities.

Dotun Adeoye
Project Management Leadership Consultant

Jim has been pivotal to the development of Sales Dept. He has devoted time every week to advise and guide me at every crucial step. Jim is very experienced in setting up businesses and his commercial acumen is second to none. I will never hesitate to recommend his ability at mentoring entrepreneurs

Business Client

Jim has given me excellent advice on what steps to take to develop my company. As a result I have a clearer vision of the future direction of my business. He can be very detailed and break down actions agreed into a simple step by step solution for you to follow. I will happily recommend Jim to any start up or SME business.

Nick Taylor
General Manager - Hotspot Titanium UK Ltd

In my time working with Jim 2003 to 2009 I learned a multitude of great habits from his strong and clear leadership. In particular the transferability of his business/management skills into new industries/sectors – this is something I have tried also and if I have been only a fraction as successful as Jim then that’s an achievement in my book! Jim instilled a great discipline in his middle-managers “don’t expect, inspect”. Furthermore, Jim’s insistence with simple ‘one-pagers’ to summarise keys task-at-hand ensured team alignment. Without hesitation, I can very much recommend Jim as a leader of any size of business!

Princes Trust Mentoree

Starting out as a sole trader with no business background, I was extremely grateful to the Prince’s Trust for asking Jim to be my mentor. Jim’s wealth of experience and business-related knowledge have proved invaluable across the board, though particularly in relation to finances and marketing. He is incredibly supportive and encouraging and keeps in touch via phone call or email in between our meetings. Jim goes above and beyond in his efforts to help my small business prosper and is always willing to offer further guidance. I would recommend Jim’s services wholeheartedly.

Fully Qualified and Experienced Solicitor

Having been focused on becoming a solicitor from an early age I had never explored other careers open to me and so was very much in need of a guiding hand to explore the myriad of options. From our initial discussion Jim encouraged me to assess and evaluate my strengths and weaknesses using numerous techniques, which really opened up my thinking and allowed me to hone in on exactly what I wanted out of a job. Ultimately, Jim’s guidance has allowed me to evaluate the priorities in my working life and has resulted in me obtaining a dream job

Business Client

Jim is so much more than a business advisor, he is a great career and life coach too. In just a few sessions he covered an amazing amount of ground with me; improved my presentations enormously and has set me into my late 20’s and 30’s with more confidence and purpose. Try to get some time with Jim if you can.

Matt Allen
Princes Trust Mentoree & Small Business Owner

Having approached the Prince’s Trust with the idea of setting up a business as a sole trader, they assigned me with a business mentor in Jim. From our very first meeting, it was clear that his considerate and focused approach would help organise my thoughts and move things forward. Jim’s continued encouragement and unrivalled dedication have been incredible. He is always there to offer advice and guidance on not only my small business but also my personal development. To summarise, his extensive business knowledge has been crucial in developing my business, from the idea formulation stage, all the way through to launch and beyond.