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The Story Behind Ringshall Resources

Find out why Jim chose the name “Ringshall Resources”. See when he started his consultancy and the meaning behind it.

Where the name came from...

The operations and aims of Ringshall Resources are inspired by the extraordinary story of the 3rd Duke of Bridgewater, the great 18th-century canal builder. The Duke created the vital infrastructure for explosive British industrial growth. He became practically destitute by investing in his vision before accruing great success and wealth, purchasing and redeveloping Ashridge House in the centre of the magnificent Ashridge Forest. Which is now a National Trust property.

His rags to riches success story was immortalised in 1830 by the building of the Ringshall Monument. This can be seen from Ashridge House, which is close to Jim’s birthplace.

In summary, Ringshall Resources aims to stimulate and assist companies to achieve transformational results.

We are trusted by more than 500 clients

Jim of Ringshall Resources is a trusted and professional, business consultant. He has genuine experience in developing hundreds of successful businesses and individuals. Be sure to get in contact with him today.